After connecting the ISO 9141 adapter to the diagnostic interface of the car and to the serial interface of the computer proceed as following:


After starting the program, click the menu item help/info and check the program being used.


You can define the correct COM-Port of the serial interface for your computer via the menu button "PORT".




Click the button at the top on the left. Cartune will select DME information and the vehicle number. Furthermore it will search for and list the starting address and the length of the data block.


Tip: The menu items Identifying, Reading, Writing and Compare can be operated via the pull-down-menu [Transfer].




Start reading procedure via the menu item [Transfer] [Reading] or the button The automatic controller data is not modified.




This display will always keep you informed about the progress of the selection.


The selected data can be processed or stored on the hard disk or on a floppy disk via the menu item [File] [Save file...] or the button


Attention: It is not necessary to do a sum-check comparison of the modified data. This is automatically done by Cartune.


After selecting and storing the data you can interrupt the process on the vehicle.




Write down the selected vehicle number, which is determined by Cartune.

Registered MTH users can generate the KEY-CODE, which is necessary for re-programming, directly in the user area of this page.


This KEY-CODE can be used many times for the same vehicle.



After you have revised the data and received the necessary KEY-CODE for re-programming, load the necessary data for re-programming via the menu item [File] [Load file...] or the appropriate button. It is not necessary to do a sum-check comparison of the modified data. This is automatically done by Cartune.




Type in the KEY-CODE in the appropriate input field. Re-programming is activated via [Transfer] [Writing...] or the button . If the KEY-CODE is entered correctly, Cartune will automatically start the programming process.



If the wrong or incomplete KEY-CODE is entered this statement will appear:
"WriteCar - breaking off, KEY-CODE input incorrect,MTH has not given authority to program this vehicle"
Repeat the input and start re-programming again.




The procedure of reprogramming is shown on a control-bar. Cartune will return to the selection menu after finishing the programming procedure successfully.