Chiptuning is done in almost all BMW vehicles without having to remove the automatic controller. Further brands, such as VW and Audi are in preparation. Cartune is a reliable tool for reading and reprogramming almost all BMW automatic controllers via the serial diagnostic interface. You will find a list of all the processed vehicles <here>.

A PC or notebook is connected to the diagnostic interface of the vehicle via the serial interface by means of a commercial ISO9141 adapter.

ISO9141 Adaptors (COM-Port or USB-Port Version) are available on request.

This software is menu-driven and user-friendly. After selecting the data the characteristic maps are processed. The processed data is transferred back to the automatic controller by Cartune. In order to do this, a vehicle and a vehicle number related release code is necessary. Registered MTH users can generate this KEY-CODE directly in the user area of this page. This release code is only valid for this vehicle, regardless of how many updates are done.

It is not necessary to do a sum-check comparison. This is automatically done by Cartune, i.e., it only has to be determined, whether to select or to program. Cartune determines the address area and other parameters.

Test Cartune. After downloading and installing it on a PC or a notebook, you can select the data directly via the serial interface and the above mentioned ISO9141 adapter.